April 26, 2024

We’ve got some big news to share: €4.5 million seed funding

We're accelerating our mission to modernize manual assembly lines with computer vision and AI, and to help address the industry’s increasing demand for skilled production workers. 

It’s a big day for us here at Deltia: We’re thrilled to announce the completion of a major €4.5 million seed funding round. This round of financing comes from our partners at Berlin-based early-stage investor Cavalry Ventures. Berlin-based AI investor Merantix also joined this round as our existing investor

These funds will go a long way to support our mission to modernize manual assembly lines with computer vision and AI, and to help address the industry’s increasing demand for skilled production workers. 

Accelerating digital transformation in manual manufacturing

With the newly acquired funding, we plan to speed up how we bring customers on board, backing up our commitment to quickly prove the value of computer vision. Deltia’s unique AI platform can identify patterns on the shop floor within one to two shifts, making the jobs of process engineers and other employees in charge of output and efficiency much easier.

Our customers include major production facilities in machinery, electronics manufacturing, and logistics. They’re applying Deltia’s technology to optimize and enhance efficiency in manual processes, as well as for training and quality assurance.

We’re also boosting AI capabilities for automated machining processes, and improving how we integrate data from customer IT systems (including ERP and MES) to offer comprehensive insights into manufacturing processes. 

We remain committed to growing our customer base and showing our customers how to apply computer vision across their product lines, driving results and helping to meet production targets. This is also a great time for us to grow our go-to-market team, as we’re aiming to expand our product reach to many more factories within the next 18–24 months.

As global production shifts toward local hubs to fortify supply chains and bolster sustainability, the shortage of skilled labor in manufacturing is a pressing problem. AI has ushered in a competitive era that impacts almost all business sectors, even ones previously slow to enter the digital world. Historically, the manufacturing sector has stayed behind the technological curve.

We’re as committed as ever to deploying computer vision to help modernize manufacturing and to optimize how companies document and improve manual processes. Using the Deltia platform, our customers have seen a productivity boost of 10-30%, and a significant 20-50% reduction in training time for new employees.

“Human expertise remains unparalleled, and AI serves as a valuable assistant—supporting and improving the workforce. Together, human capabilities and AI innovation pave the way for a future where this collaboration propels productivity and excellence to new heights," – Claude Ritter, Managing Partner at Cavalry Ventures and one of the early investors in European AI pioneer Aleph Alpha.

Optimizing manual processes—without adding to technical debt

Unlike other solutions, Deltia’s product doesn’t demand constant manual labeling or endless monitoring and input. This means companies can gather thousands of data points on production lines without wasting valuable employee time. Decision-makers can be better informed, and spend their time on optimization and process improvement, rather than wasting hundreds of hours on grueling manual data collection. 

Deltia’s computer vision solution turns manual production processes—including assembly, packaging, and machinery adjustments—into digital formats. Our unique algorithm analyzes aspects like hand movements and cycle times, and proposes improvements by highlighting areas of inefficiency. 

Deltia has also been committed to European data protection standards and worker anonymity from day one. While the Deltia product has cameras on the shop floor that gather all sorts of context-rich data, we as a company never compromise on our privacy principles. Deltia anonymizes all video footage for the security and comfort of the workers on the floor. Following analysis, raw data is either deleted or retained only as discreet, anonymized snippets for training purposes. 

Leading with a team of experts

Here at Deltia, we have decades of experience in understanding how much work goes into running a smoothly functioning shop floor. In our past lives, we’ve digitized 40+ factories around the world, worked on autonomous driving software at Volkswagen, and created video analysis products in the security space.

This means that we’re deeply familiar with what happens on the production line, and our mechanical engineering and machine learning expertise means that we know how to create intelligent computer vision systems that integrate and apply our knowledge of manual production.

Our investors are also an A-Team of industry experts, including Nico Peters and Willi Tscheschner (both founders of Signavio), Max Viessmann (CEO of the Viessmann Group), Walter Kortschak (Firestreak Ventures), Christian Dahlen, Edward Grefenstette (Google DeepMind), Robin Capital, Combination Ventures, Better Angle and Marc Städing.

“The customers that Deltia.ai work with are the backbone of European industry and are faced with huge transformational challenges. Thanks to its deep technical expertise and domain knowledge, Deltia.ai is set up to be the leader in this much-needed industrial revolution,”—Rasmus Rothe, co-founder of Merantix

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